About the author….Moi!

…So I thought to myself…”Since I randomly receive inquires on my opinions on where do you…? What do you think about…? or better yet where can I find them…? I decided to make it part of a f’un habit! I’m chic with a dash of sophistication. DIVABOO: stylish, trendy, conscious, loving everything fabulous woman…sounds like you?…WELCOME!!!

Although, as witty and as clever as I maybe with my “terms/nicknames” the term “Diva” has been widely used all over the world.  The name “DivaBoo” was originially coined by a very talented “bartender/mixologist” who also has unique style and who caters to several events. Please follow her and her company “Its like Magic!!!™” and www.twitter.com/Nikkijayy

TyNitty411 – is a graduate of SUNY F.I.T with a B.S degree in Advertising/Marketing/Communication and degree in A.A.S degree in Fashion Merchandising Management.  She has been in the business of fashion for over 15 years working with the scope of fashion from beauty to accessories.  She has worked with Michael Kors, Mavi Jeans, Floral Roberts, Estee Lauder just to name a few.  Born in colorful West Indian section of Flatbush Brooklyn, NY to the parents Haitian/Jamaican descendents.  Her father is a fashion menswear designer in Miami, Florida who is a season pattern-maker and her mother a shoe lover with classic pieces that rival your favorite shoe closets! Together they brew the ingredients brought life to TyNitty411!  One might want to inquire what the “411” represents in the name…well just what it means 411-information, if there is fashion question you might have had, or possibly needed help updating your wardrobe you’d first seek information, she is that resource!

She has a passion for the Fine Arts, creativity and individualism, with parents like hers fashion was destined to thrive in her blood.  She currently is in developments to launching a new website, nail designing and an accessories line as well as continue personal shopping and wardrobe styling for some upcoming magazines.  Stay tuned to the multifaceted Ms. TyNitty411 “You are now rocking with the BEST!”

I’ll do my very best to keep you updated on the what’s,where’s,when’s ooh and how’s of the Fashion Accessories World!!!

Ciao DivaBoo’s!


E: DivaBooTy@divaboostylesnyc.com
Facebook HashTag: #DivaBooStyles

Fashion Accessories + Tips for the More Fashion Conscious You!!

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