@EvelynLozada in Christian Louboutin Bollywoody Peep-Toes

Mrs. (Almost) Ocho Cinco made an appearance at Millions of Milkshakes in Los Angeles to debut her very own “Non Muthafu*kin Factor” milkshake.  She grazed their “blue” carpet wearing some of my fashionable favorite colors: a pink Unconditional wrap top, a blue BcBg “Glen Jacket”, a pair of medium washed skinny jeans rolled up and of course a pair of “HAWT” Christian Louboutin Bollywoody peep-toe pumps! She accessorized with a Bollywood inspired gold head piece (you can soon via http://www.DivaBooStylesNyc.com online accessories store).

Evelyn Lozada

UNCONDITIONAL wrap top (click to purchase)

Damage: $565.00 USD

J Brand Jeans

Damage: $205.00 USD

BcBg Glen Jacket (click to purchase)

Damage: $268.00 USD

Christian Louboutin Bollywoody Peep-Toe Pump (click to purchase)

Damage:$2,795.00 USD

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BasketBallWives Reunion 3 “Girl You Straight Killed it!”

@TamiRoman @IamJennifer @EvelynLozada @ShaunieOneal

@TamiRoman @IamJennifer @EvelynLozada @ShaunieOneal

So DivaBoos last night was part 1 of the BasketBall Wives3 reunion show on Vh1 BasketBall Wives ??

I hardly believed that ex-ball player John Salley was the best host for last night show but hey what do we know??

Did anybody notice how calm and quiet Shaunie O’Neal was on the show? Like did we remember her speaking at all?! Lol or maybe she was overshadowed by the Eric Williams vs. Jennifer Williams debauchery and the “throwing of the glass” situation.

Or how about this comment from Jenn “I don’t wear panties a lot!” (Oh really?!)

But back to Shaunie…(Can’t say I was a fan of the outfit…I was “done-zo” after seeing it!) Lol.

No one can ever forget these two Tami Roman and Meeka Claxton or also known as their newest given names “Meeka ‘Liar’ Claxton and Tami ‘HoodRat’ Roman….#tears!!! Those two are like vinegar and water!

Wow, once and for all Royce Reed had her ensemble worthy of mention! Hair was right and her outfit looked so much better!

What about little miss Suzie…she got brave last night with Meeka but still managed to look good doing it! Loved both Jennifer’s and Suzie’s earrings!

Now Ms. Evelyn Lozada as you all can see is a force to be reckoned with….did you see her shoes?!?!?! Oh I know couldn’t get past that BOMB dress!! Now she takes pride in everything she wears when she’s stepping out!!

Evelyn, wore Hervé Leger this reunion show as she did last show but this time…she went there n stole the spotlight with this Herve Leger Bridgette Foil-Printed Bandage Corset Dress from his Spring 2011 line.

Original Damage : $5,000.00 USD down to $2,999.99

Today’s Sale Damage: $999.99 USD (hope you knew Evelyn would go there lol!)

Now to her feet….fire!!

Christian Louboutin Watersnake Daffodil Pumps in BLUE

Damage: $995.00 USD

Oh and where to find that color…so far your guess is as good as mine!

DivaBoos sometimes don’t you feel bad for loving the television foolishness…I know I do! But like you I just can not wait until next Monday night’s part 2 of the reunion show!!!

Until then,





Evelyn Lozada & Shaunie O'Neal

Evelyn Lozada & Shaunie O’Neal

Suzie Ketcham & Royce Reed

Suzie Ketcham & Royce Reed

Evelyn in Hervé Leger Bridgette Foil-Printed Banage Corset Dress

Evelyn in Hervé Leger Bridgette Foil-Printed Banage Corset Dress

Hervé Leger

Hervé Leger

Christian Louboutin Watersnake Daffodil in Blue

Christian Louboutin Watersnake Daffodil in Blue

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LaLa vs. Evelyn Lozada’s Frilly Fetish!

Getting right back into the swing of things DivaBoos…have you seen the latest?!

Let’s just say your totally #WINNING if you have Monsieur Christian Louboutin to design a pair of shoes in the exact color of your hubby’s new team playing as a NEW YORK KNICKS basketball player!!!

Kudos to you @Lala for these devastatingly delicious pair of shoes…

Oh and we can’t forget Ms. @EvelynLozada on her @VH1’s Basketball Wives Reunion show in her Herve Leger dress and her own pair of Christian Louboutin’s but in that HAWT pink/fuschia color!!

Kudos to you both ladies on lovely and very DivaBoo choices!!! Well Which color do you prefer….be sure to read *all notes!

CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN (online exclusive)

Notes: This fringed-detail sandal is sure to be one of the trend-setting pairs for the Spring season. Sky-high and surprisingly comfortable, dance until sunrise in these 6″ stunners. And snag your size while you can ladies; our online boutique is the only place where you can find these in hot pink!<—YOU HEARD THEM DIVABOOS!!!!

Damage: $1,665 USD / www.christianlouboutin.com

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