DivaBoos and Dons I can’t help but feel compelled to pass on a GREAT shoe lesson! Compliments of The Shoes Appreciation Society by Niege Borges I am posting this list of every kind of footwear so that your able to know some of these popular shoe types. From peep-toes to AirForce One’s, the Dons will know what to buy their DivaBoo’s and of course vice versa…Enjoy and spread the word!

Till Next time my DivaBoos & Dons


Can You Get Much Higher then the “Spacer”?!

Now I don’t get to include the fellas but I know that at some point in time Diva’s you’ve encountered a DON! Yeassss! A Don, a man with that certain “swag”! From the little hairs left behind after his fresh haircut, to the way the corner of your lips curve up when he passes you and leaves thee most delicious scent! This Don is on “ONE” from head to toe!

 Monsieur Christian Louboutin has of course done it “encore” (again in French) with his ’11 Spring/Summer line!! 

Don’s let just ask…..alongside the “bottle poppin”, “paper-planing it” I just want to know CAN YOU GET MUCH HIGHER…then the “SPACER”?!

CL BLK Spacer


Notes: Do they remind you of a previous shoe? Come on Loubou connesuieors……no? Well they look similar to the Rantus Mens Flat sneaker!! Definitely the Euro way! Tie them tight and buckle in. 3, 2, 1…TAKE OFF! In “Spacer.” Their arrival has been anticipated since they walked the runway. Wait no more, “Spacer” has just touched down!! Cop yours today!!

Damage: $1,195 USD / (*they also come in two other colors Beige-suede & White-leather below)

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**This style runs true to size