Hello world its DivaBooTy Here!!!

This is my very first prelude to a fashion opinion/idea! Ohh so you’re wondering what’s a ‘DivaBoo’? DIVABOO: stylish, trendy, conscious, loving everything fabulous woman!! Trendy, eccentric nailpolishes/designs, chic costume jewelry, vogue hair accessories, cute clutches/handbags/purses and of course shoes Shoes SHOES!!!!!  Now I’m always open to opinions and respectful comments and replies.  I will post the best links to where to buy these hawt finds and at some very reasonable prices.  If you love anything soft/pink or something sophisticated with some sass, please visit DivaBooStylesNyc often we’re looking for new DivaBoos like you! 

We all love to look great but sometimes not all of us may have the monetary advancements for our dream spenditures…O_o..lol (we all have dreams right?!) What we hope to accomplish by updating this site is to help continuously keep your wardrobe fresh with new accessory additions that you see on some of your favorite celebs.

Yea…I know you probably wondered where you could find how to recreate this DIVABOO looks…well keep in touch and comeback often!