DivaBoos & Dons, you would not even believe the number of emails I receive daily asking when is the next designer sample sale…most notably the Christian Louboutin sample sale…well heads up its a coming!!!

I’m letting you know from now what its all about…and sorry I personally can’t get you an invite but I can give the deets about when and where!!

Its the Christian Louboutin Semi-Annual Sample Sale!


From November 5th to the 9th, Christian Louboutin in NYC, will open his doors to Louboutin lovers and offer deep discounts on the label’s heart-throbs. Here’s the most DISCOURAGING: part of this entire sale…..INVITE ONLY. The brand is notorious for having a strict door policy-a.k.a-“NO” when it comes to trying to make your way in without an invite. ENCOURAGING: no invite, try their luck on the last day of the sale (preferably after 12pm) as Louboutin has let in some shoppers in the past. Good luck divaboos@ and feel free to share your shopping experience in the comment section below.


Where: 306 W. 38th St. (bet. 8th & 9th Ave.)

When: Monday, November 5th, 8:30am~3pm
Tuesday, November 6th, 8:30am~6pm
Wednesday, November 7th, 8:30am~6pm
Thursday, November 8th, 8:30am~6pm
Friday, November 9th, 8:30am~6pm



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The Christian Louboutin Markdown Sale!

Christian Louboutin


What: The Christian Louboutin Boutique Sale

Where: Christian Louboutin Madison
965 Madison Avenue, NY NY

Ends: June 30, 2012


Summer savings for all you savy Christian Louboutinistas! The Madison Avenue Christian Louboutin is currently conducting their seasonal markdown on Spring/Summer ’12 Collection boutique sale.

The most coveted red soles will be discounted 30 to 40% off, while handbags will be marked down 50%. If you ever wanted to paint the town red in these gorgeous shoes those wants come with conditions-costly prices. I’ve been told that some of trendier pairs (as if Christian Louboutin isn’t trendy or designer enough) are on sale too!

As we’ve always mentioned before, be prepared with flat walking shoes, credit card and or cash, and open mind, some patience and your excitement to shop!

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Fashion Accessories + Tips for the More Fashion Conscious You!!

YSL vs. Christian Louboutin…Round 1….FIGHT!

Divaboos…..oooohhh its a sad day sad! How is it that this is even happening!! Yves Saint Laurent vs. Christian Louboutin…please say it isn’t so!

Argument: Who owns the “Red Sole”??

Well Divaboos WE know who BEEN had it…BEEN using….BEEN pushing this outer sole color for very long! Now if your known for just one specific characteristic and history has shown just how often and long you’ve had this characteristic how is it that a replica..or a copy NOT acknowledge that this characteristic/trait has already been seen?!

Christian Louboutin

New York judge rules against Christian Louboutin’s request that Yves Saint Laurent cease selling red soled shoes from their 2011 resort collection.

Initially back in April 2011, Paris-based designer  Christian Louboutin, whose pumps have graced many fabulous and famous feet including Kim Kardashion, Kimora Lee Simmons, Kate Bosworth, J.Lo, Swizz Beatz, Eva Longoria and many others, sued fashion rival Yves Saint Laurent over the use of the color red on shoe soles.

Some celebrity Christian Louboutin wearers

Mr. Louboutin is the first designer to develop the idea of having red  soles on women’s shoes,” said the trademark infringement lawsuit filed  in Manhattan federal court.  Since January of 2011 Mr. Louboutin has been requesting that YSL- America, a subsidiary of the Gucci Group, to stop  selling red-soled shoes in the same select Manhattan stores as he does.

Divaboos all I’m just saying is YSL we adore you but not for nothing are you serious??  I do NOT like confusion!! If the man already been doing it…not to say I agree with the usage of just one color…(Kim Kardashians line of shoes have outter soles in  blue, yellow, brown or white) but in the fashion world it is just what it is…Christian’s been doing it so please! Um, Louboutin founded his first boutique in 1991 in Paris, the suit said, all his shoes have had red-lacquered soles which can fetch more than $1,000 a pair.

The lawsuit asks for a U.S. judge to impose $1 million in damages and order YSL to stop manufacturing similar designs.  Currently Yves Saint Laurant has YSL’s 2011 resort collection ready to hit stores of which Louboutin’s attorneys Harley Lewin of McCarter & English LLP have been trying to get Judge Victor Marreo to deny.

Federal judge, Victor Marrero, has today denied Christian Louboutin’s request that what they perceive as ‘copycat’ red soled shoes from YSL’s 2011 resort collection, are blocked from sale for the duration of court proceedings.  YSL’s sales are safe! “Get Money!”

left: Yves Saint Laurent right: Christian Louboutin

Meanwhile, YSL’s lawyer, David Bernstein of Debevoise & Plimpton LLP, said in a statement:

‘We’re gratified that Judge Marrero has agreed with YSL that no designer should be allowed to monopolise a single colour for an article of apparel. As Judge Marrero indicated, YSL designers are artists and, like other artists, they should have the right to use the full palette of colours in designing their fashions for each season.

(August 10, 2011 Ruling) What Happened: In Marrero’s ruling that refuses the injunction, he wrote: “Because in the fashion industry colour serves ornamental and aesthetic functions vital to robust competition, the court finds that Louboutin is unlikely to be able to prove that its red outsole brand is entitled to trademark protection, even if it has gained enough public recognition in the market to have acquired secondary meaning.”

Bringing you up to speed as of today August 19, 2011

A judge will decide later whether to cancel Christian Louboutin SA’s trademark for high-fashion red-soled women’s shoes in the company’s lawsuit against Yves Saint Laurent America.

Louboutin’s lawyers urged U.S. District Judge Victor Marrero in New York not to convert his earlier refusal to bar Yves Saint Laurent from selling its own red-soled shoes into an outright cancellation of the U.S. trademark. The judge said today he will delay a ruling while Louboutin appeals his decision.

The better course is to simply allow the appeal to proceed and halt any further proceedings till we get guidance”from the New York-based federal circuit court, Marrero said.


Some YSL celebritiy wearers


Christian Louboutin Sexy Strass 100 Swarovski crystal peep-toe pumps

Christian Louboutin Sexy Strass 100 Swarovski crystal peep-toe pumps

We’ll follow the story for further developments in this trademark infridgement I’m so sure it definitely does not stop here! Who will reign King of the Red Sole?!